17 Day Diet Interview with Dr. Mike Moreno

17 Day Diet Interview with Dr. Mike Moreno

See More: http://www.dietsinreview.com/videos/interview-with-the-dr-mike-moreno-of-the-17-day-diet/ Dr. Mike Moreno is the author of the popular 17 Day Diet,…
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12 Responses to “17 Day Diet Interview with Dr. Mike Moreno”

  1. Debbie Ponzetti says:

    I would recommend this diet to anyone even if they do not need to lose
    weight. It is so easy to follow and the switch every 17 days helps so much.
    I am on day 6 cycle 2 and have lost 10 1/2 pounds. Not bad for this 53 year
    old grandmother.

  2. beautiieforyou says:

    @MsD0llface no you can only buy it online on the17day diet.com

  3. Tones4me1 says:

    This way of eating seems healthier than other diets. Seems very well
    rounded as you cycle through it.

  4. AWESOME1324ISCOOL says:

    Starting tomorrow! WISH ME LUCK!

  5. Katie Smith says:

    This has stopped working for me. I’ve been very careful and have not
    cheated AT ALL. Cycle 1 worked great….11lbs off. Cycle 2, on the other
    hand, had not worked! I’m on day 14, so it’s not like I’m on day 3 and
    being stubborn. It’s too much work to upkeep if you’re not seeing results.

  6. Mehedi Iqbal says:

    Attractive video recording… I’ve been implementing DietOramy healthy diet
    system (uncovered it on search engines) for a while now and my personal
    successes have actually been excellent – I shed 6 percent of my whole body
    unwanted fat through the very first cycle

  7. northwesten says:

    @beautiieforyou INCORRECT. amazon, barnesandnobl, borders, indiebound and i
    pretty sure any big book store too.

  8. coop2182 . says:

    I found the book at Shopper’s Drugmart!!!!!!!

  9. Raffaele Contartese says:

    @ahanxdj So far I’ve lost 24 pounds and counting. Loosing weight is all
    about learning the correct way to eat, and living by it. Learning how to
    get there is so much easier after reading The Weight Loss Road Map. Wish I
    found it earlier. I’d take a look now before she starts charging =>

  10. lisakaye3211 says:

    Make sure you get Dr. Moreno’s book. I did see another 17 day diet book by
    a RN named Elizabeth….thats the wrong one!!

  11. jessruby1983 says:

    you got to buy the book

  12. beautiieforyou says:

    @northwesten oh those are all american right? im in canada but its ok i got
    it shipped to me in like 4 days lol